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United Kingdom
I'm a person who is really into video games more than art. But I recently got into making fanart, so I thought "Why not?". I currently only plan to upload Pokemon fanart, but that could change any time. I really don't know how often I'll post stuff, as I only really make art when I feel like I have the time to do so. Art is really more or less a simple hobby of mine. I used to make most of my art on my DSi, but now I've moved on to drawing the lineart on paper, scanning it then colouring it in digitally.

All the grass starters by SimbaTheHumanGrow Up by AnawielleYoshi Love Stamp by kcjedi89
Wario Love Stamp by kcjedi89Proud to be British by Ravyre
Don't eat the mushroom by GennykinsIN THE BATHROOM by Gennykins
Gamer - blue by Lady-TrevelyanOld School by Lady-Trevelyan... stamp by KawaiiSteffu
Spring lover stamp by KillerSandyMario Party-Stamp by DinoclawsI Love My DS by genkistamps
Nintendo Stamp by Tripp-X-FoxxNintendo 64 Stamp by Tripp-X-FoxxSuper Smash Bros Brawl Stamp by nakashimariku
Stamp - Toon Link Stamp 1 by AnonymousLinkDynamite Headdy stamp by 5-3-10-4Fantasy is my Reality stamp by purgatori
Alone... by zsofigirlStamp - Ash's Treecko by RebelliousTreeckoI miss grovyle stamp by Superpointfangirl
I imagine with music Stamp by tastelessfateHero x Partner Stamp by JirachigirlPokemon by Daakukitsune
Banjo-Kazooie stamp by GitzyrulzMario Kart 64 Stamp by NateFoxRendshipping by PrincessFlaw
Xenoblade Stamp by Blue-CupI Met My Best Friend Online by hollsGrass Type Fan Stamp by Waffle217
007 - Squirtle by PokeStampsDex025 - Pikachu by PokeStampsDex052 - Meowth by PokeStampsDex
065 - Alakazam by PokeStampsDex151 - Mew by PokeStampsDex152 - Chikorita by PokeStampsDex
155 - Cyndaquil by PokeStampsDex158 - Totodile by PokeStampsDex196 - Espeon by PokeStampsDex
215 - Sneasel by PokeStampsDex246 - Larvitar by PokeStampsDex248 - Tyranitar by PokeStampsDex
249 - Lugia by PokeStampsDex251 - Celebi by PokeStampsDex252 - Treecko by PokeStampsDex
253 - Grovyle by PokeStampsDex254 - Sceptile by PokeStampsDex330 - Flygon by PokeStampsDex
344 - Claydol by PokeStampsDex380 - Latias by PokeStampsDex381 - Latios by PokeStampsDex
383 - Groudon by PokeStampsDex387 - Turtwig by PokeStampsDex393 - Piplup by PokeStampsDex
403 - Shinx by PokeStampsDex408 - Cranidos by PokeStampsDex418 - Buizel by PokeStampsDex
447 - Riolu by PokeStampsDex448 - Lucario by PokeStampsDex461 - Weavile by PokeStampsDex
484 - Palkia by PokeStampsDex487 - Giratina by PokeStampsDex492 - Shaymin by PokeStampsDex
494 - Victini by PokeStampsDex495 - Snivy by PokeStampsDex496 - Servine by PokeStampsDex
497 - Serperior by PokeStampsDex498 - Tepig by PokeStampsDex501 - Oshawott by PokeStampsDex
559 - Scraggy by PokeStampsDex560 - Scrafty by PokeStampsDex570 - Zorua by PokeStampsDex
571 - Zoroark by PokeStampsDex572 - Minccino by PokeStampsDex587 - Emolga by PokeStampsDex
609 - Chandelure by PokeStampsDex610 - Axew by PokeStampsDex635 - Hydreigon by PokeStampsDex
643 - Reshiram by PokeStampsDex644 - Zekrom by PokeStampsDex647 - Keldeo by PokeStampsDex
Chespin Fan Stamp by Skymint-StampsFennekin Fan Stamp by Skymint-StampsFroakie Fan Stamp by Skymint-Stamps
Vivillon Fan Stamp by Skymint-StampsHonedge Fan Stamp by Skymint-StampsHelioptile Fan Stamp by Skymint-Stamps
Amaura Fan Stamp by Skymint-StampsYveltal Fan Stamp by Skymint-Stamps

Favourite genre of music: Video game music
Favourite style of art: Digital
Operating System: Windows XP Pro
Merry Christams everyone. It's just too bad I don't have anything planned today as I didn't get the time. I'm sure it'll be different for New Year's Day.

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