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Chapter 6 - The Kidnapping

Treecko, Snivy and Tepig were all standing in front of an Oran Berry bush.
 "So...this is where you live?" asked Treecko, "It's just a bush of Oran Berries. Surely THAT'S not your home, right?"
 "Of course not, silly!" replied Snivy, "It's underground. But all this walking has made me a tad peckish." She then plucked an Oran Berry form the bush and took a big bite out of it. "Mmmm, tasty," she said with her mouth full, "Want one?"
 "Oran Berries? Nah, I prefer Rawst Berries," said Treecko. Snivy gulped down the Berry.
 "Rawst Berries? Ew! I tried one once, it tasted awful," said Snivy.
 "Hey Snivy! Don't go eating all the Berries on the bush!" said Tepig, "We don't want to see you all chubby like that one time."
 "Snivy got fat? I...can't possibly imagine that," said Treecko.
 "You tell me, it's the sort of thing only a human would think of," said Tepig.
 "Relax, I wouldn't binge on these again," claimed Snivy, "Plus, Oran Berries take only 16 hours to grow, so it's not like I'm wasting them." She then walked behind the bush and lifted up the hidden trapdoor, much to Treecko's surprise. "Come on in," said Snivy as she jumped down into the underground tunnel. Treecko silently obeyed as he and Tepig also jumped down into the tunnel. Treecko was staring all around him when they reached the room at the end of the tunnel.
 "Yeah, it's not much, but it's home, hidden from the outside world," said Tepig.
 "It's...not bad," said Treecko.
 "Thanks," replied Snivy, "It's only been about a year, so we haven't really lived here for long."
 "Well, it least it's recent. I've been living with my Granddad in that tree for six years now," explained Treecko.
 "Why do you still live with your Granddad? Haven't you ever tried to live elsewhere?" asked Snivy.
 "It's...something I'd rather not talk about now," said Treecko quietly.
 "That's OK, if you really don't want to tell us then you don't have to," said Snivy. Silence fell briefly.
 "Soooo...what do you do in your spare time?" asked Tepig randomly.
 "Me? I...beat up bad Pokémon for a living," replied Treecko.
 "Huh...OK," said Tepig in a confused manner, "And what good does that do?"
 "It toughens me up. That's all I care about," replied Treecko.
 "Well, I think you're tough enough as it is," said Snivy, "Yesterday, when you saved me from those Skorupi, you looked so cool and strong. I'm sure you've done enough battling."
 " think so?" wondered Treecko, "Well maybe you're right..."
 "It makes me wish I was strong like you," said Snivy, "But I'm not the most confident Pokémon in the world."
 "Have you...considered doing the same thing as me?" asked Treecko.
 "Then that's why you couldn't defend yourself."
 "I...I'm sorry."
 "No need to apologise. If you just try then I'm sure you can."
 "Maybe some other time. So, can we go to that secret spot of yours now?" Treecko silently nodded.
 "I guess so," he said.
 "Leaving so soon?" asked Tepig.
 "Yes, we're off to Treecko's secret spot," replied Snivy.
 "Well, I guess I'll see you later then," said Tepig.
 "See you later," said Snivy, "Come on Treecko. I'm can't wait!" She ran out of the room and down the tunnel as Treecko chased after.
 "Oh, Snivy... I wonder if she will be brave enough to tell Treecko how she truly feels," said Tepig to herself. Treecko and Snivy were now back outside.
 "Well then...I'll lead the way," said Treecko, "So just follow me, and don't get lost or whatever."
 "How could I possibly get lost if I'm with you and you know where you're going?" questioned Snivy.
 "Well... Never mind, let's go," said Treecko. He began to walk with Snivy following closely behind him. But little did they know that a Crobat had just past the area from high above...
 Treecko and Snivy had been walking for roughly 30 minutes when they finally reached their destination. There was a cliff overlooking a large grassy field, in the distance were multiple rows of hills. They were walking towards the cliff edge when Snivy suddenly stopped. She spotted a bunch of violets on the ground. She approached them and picked up one, hid it behind her back and caught back up with Treecko, who was still walking and didn't notice anything. They stopped just in front of the edge.
 "So, this is the place?" asked Snivy.
 "Yeah...this is it," replied Treecko, "This is my own private spot. I often come here to relax."
 "Wow, even without the sunset, it's impressive. I just love the view," said Snivy. The two of them began staring out over the cliff edge.
 "Snivy...I've gotta say. I was...wrong to doubt you that first time," said Treecko, "You're...alright. You're like...the closest thing I've ever had to...a friend. I don't know how to describe this, but... the way I treat you is very different to how I treat all the other Pokémon I've met over the years. This is the first time I've ever had this feeling I'm currently having."
 "I've been feeling a similar thing," said Snivy, "You've...been the first male friend I've had. Tepig was my only friend before now. And that feeling we're both experiencing... I think I know what it is."
She then turned to look at Treecko and prepared to bring out the violet from behind her back. "This feeling... I think it's..." Something stopped her speech. It was the sound of flapping wings. The sound got louder and louder as the source got closer and closer. A Crobat landed a few feet away from them, followed by Ivysaur, Gloom and Wilfred Sniv.
 "Wilfred Sniv?! I thought you left! What are you doing here?!" questioned Snivy with shock.
 "I've come to pick you up, dear," replied Wilfred Sniv, "And here I find you, hanging out with some ugly Treecko. Haven't I told you that I'm the only one for you?"
 "Wait a second, you two know each other?" wondered Treecko.
 "Yes, that's Wilfred Sniv. He claims to be some gentlemon. He's been trying to win me over for years," explained Snivy, "Looks like some people never change." She then turned to face Wilfred Sniv. "Look, for the last time, I'm not going out with you! It's wrong to force others to go with whoever they don't want, so give it a rest already!"
 "Don't be silly, my dear," said Wilfred Sniv, "You and I were meant for each other. If you come with me I'll share my lovely home with you. The same fancy home I've inherited, along with all the money it came with. Surely that's every girl's dream, correct?"
 "Listen, I don't want any of that!" snapped Snivy, "You don't even know how to treat me!"
 "Enough with the arguing," insisted Wilfred Sniv, "I'm sure you'll change your mind when I take you back to the Lab." Treecko tightened his fist.
 "Hey, Poshy! I'm not gonna let some weirdo like you take Snivy! Now get lost!" he shouted.
 "Oh dear, a tad mad, aren't we?" questioned Wilfred Sniv, "Well, enough wasting time. Go get Snivy for me, please, Ivysaur?" Ivysaur unleased his Vine Whip at Snivy and wrapped them around her before carrying her away from Treecko's side and holding her above his head. Snivy had dropped the violet she was holding in the process.
 "Let go of her right now!" ordered Treecko.
 "So sorry, but I can't do that," claimed Wilfred Sniv, "This girl shall be mine. She will have all the wealth anyone could ask for. Now Gloom, use Sleep Powder and let's get back to the Lab." Gloom then released a green mist from his head, which landed onto Treecko, causing his eyelids to instantly become  heavy "That will do. Now Crobat, let's go back to the lab so I can finally have my desire."
 "No! Don't do this to me! Let me go!" ordered Snivy. The Crobat rose back into the air, before swooping away from the scene. "TREEEECKOOOOOOOOOO!!!" cried Snivy, her voice getting quieter as the Crobat got further away.
"N-no... Come back," muttered Treecko as he fell to his knees, trying desperately to stay awake, but it was no use. He fell flat on the ground and was out like a light.
Snivy gets kidnapped! D:
avrey908 Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012  Hobbyist
OMG SOOOOOO suspensefull!!! cant wait till the next chapter!
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